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Discussions: Post and Reply

To reach the Forum page go the top navigation bar > Community > Forum.

The MT Forum is self-evident and intuitive: you can either post a new discussion or reply to an existing discussion.

[mkb-tip]There is no limit to the number of new discussions or replies you can post, But remember (from the Earning Rewards page) that you will only earn credits for your first new discussion post every day, and for 10 replies per day. Post and reply selectively, and when relevant.[/mkb-tip]

Subscribe, Like and Favorite

If you want to be notified about replies to a forum or a single discussion, then click on the “Subscribe” button (top right of page). You will receive a notification whenever a new reply is posted.

If you find a particular discussion or reply useful you can express your agreement by clicking the “Like” button below the text. Note that there are no rewards for clicking “Like”.

You can also mark any discussion as “Favorite” (top right corner of discussion), making it easy to find, later, from your user profile page.

Topics for Discussion

The forum is used for a wide variety of topics. For example:

– Market talk
– General conversation
– Support issues and request for assistance
– Coding and algorithm discussion
– etc.

Look through the available forum listing (top right of the Forum page) for a suitable forum to find topical discussion or to post a new discussion or question.

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