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Coming Features

Services, Features and Activities

Here are a few of the features that will become available during the coming weeks and months:


MT University

  • Documentation and lessons regarding the Machina Algorithmic Engine
  • Key concepts and best practices of algorithmic trade
  • Setting up and using your Machina instance
  • Strategy development
  • Backtesting and critical metrics
  • Market concepts and research

Content Awards

  • Users will be invited to submit content about specific topics
  • Prize winners receive Roids and massive Galactic Credit awards


  • Launch of algorithmic trade engines (aka Machina “instances”)
  • Create and test your algorithmic trade strategies


  • Buy and sell MT Strategies and Signals
  • Users can spend Galactic Credits in the Marketplace
  • Earn commission when your Affiliate referrals spend in the Marketplace

Live Trade

  • Connect your Machina instance to an exchange websocket
  • Deploy your live strategy
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