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Galaxy Quest Overview

MT Rewards System

The MachinaTrader rewards system, Galaxy Quest, allows users to earn various spendable and non-spendable tokens on the platform:

Galactic Credits

The unit of reward is an Achievement and every Achievement is rewarded with a publicly visible Badge.

A Quest is a set of Achievements, and when you complete a Quest you are awarded with Roids. As you collect more and more Roids you are able to unlock additional Quests.

Roids cannot be spent and simply accumulate as you complete Quests and Lessons.

Galactic Credits are awarded for Quests and Achievements. “Credits” can be spent on products (such as a Strategy) and services (such as subscribing to a Machina instance) in the MachinaStore.

The rest of this chapter explains each type of reward in more detail.

[mkb-info]Reward tokens and Badges are not cryptocurrencies. They can only be earned and spent inside the MachinaTrader ecosystem.[/mkb-info]
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