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What’s New

Current Release

MachinaTrader is in Private Beta release and we are continuously increasing the number of user admissions.

Community Forums and Groups

Forums and groups allow users to interact, submit support tickets, share knowledge and experience, as well as earn badges and rewards for activity and participation. The forums are comprised of various groups where users can discuss specific topics of interest.

Galaxy Quest Gamification System

To increase your chances of winning a MachinaTrader Private Beta subscription, be active in the MachinaTrader community, and earn badges by solving Galaxy Quests.

Affiliate Program

Users can register an affiliate account and earn commission when their referrals spend in the soon-to-be release MT Marketplace. To register your affiliate account and get started see the Affiliate Program guide.

Rolling Out

The initial Private Beta release serves as a launchpad and user consultation phase. The algorithmic trading service will be rolled out to users toward year end, and full-service availability will be complete by end of Q1 2021.

We are currently closely monitoring the “gamification” stats while constantly fine-tuning the system. New rewards are being added regularly and any Galaxy Quest badges that you earn will make you eligible for future discounts in the MachinaTrader Marketplace.

Product documentation and learning guides, collectively called the MT University, will be published soon – concurrent with an update for Private Beta users: release of the MachinaTrader Engine that has been reworked during the past several months.

As new features are released they will be announced to Beta users. Look out for email and site notifications of new service components as we approach the Public Beta phase during 2021.

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