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Visual Editor

Getting Started with the Visual Editor

To access the Visual Editor, log in to your MachinaTrader account and navigate to the “Visual Editor” section. Once there, you will be greeted with a canvas where you can create and design your trading strategies. The canvas represents the visual representation of your algorithm, composed of interconnected nodes.

Nodes Overview

The Visual Editor provides a wide range of nodes that you can utilize to construct your trading strategies. Here’s a list of the nodes included in the first release version:

BuyInitiates a buy action for a specified asset.
SellInitiates a sell action for a specified asset.
PriceDownTriggers when the price of an asset decreases below a specified threshold.
PriceTriggerTriggers when the price of an asset meets a specified trigger condition.
PriceUpTriggers when the price of an asset increases above a specified threshold.
RangeTriggerTriggers when the price of an asset falls within a specified range.
VolumeFluctuationTriggers based on fluctuations in trading volume.
AttributeValueRetrieves attribute values from a specified element.
AutoCompleteProvides auto-completion suggestions based on user input.
BlockSettingsAdjusts settings and configurations for a specified block.
BrowserEventCaptures and responds to browser events.
ClipboardAllows interaction with the system clipboard.
CloseTabCloses a specified tab within the browser.
ConditionsEvaluates and executes actions based on specified conditions.
CookieInteracts with browser cookies.
CreateElementDynamically creates an element on a webpage.
DataMappingMaps and transforms data between different formats.
DelayAdds a delay between actions.
DeleteDataDeletes specified data from storage.
ElementExistsChecks if a specified element exists on a webpage.
ExecuteGeneralExecutes a general command or action.
ExecuteWorkflowExecutes a pre-defined workflow.
ExportDataExports data to a specified format or location.
FormsInteracts with HTML forms on webpages.
GetTextRetrieves the text content of a specified element.
GoogleSheetsPerforms operations with Google Sheets.
HandleDialogHandles browser dialog boxes.
HandleDownloadManages file downloads.
IncreaseVariableIncreases the value of a specified variable.
IndicatorRsiApplies the Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicator.
InsertDataInserts data into storage.
InteractionBaseBase node for interactions with web elements.
JavascriptCodeExecutes custom JavaScript code.
LogDataLogs data for debugging purposes.
LoopDataLoops through a specified set of data.
NewTabOpens a new tab within the browser.
NewWindowOpens a new browser window.
NotificationSends notifications or alerts.
PressKeySimulates pressing a keyboard key.
ProxyManages proxy settings.
PythonCodeExecutes custom Python code.
RegexVariableExtracts data using regular expressions.
SaveAssetSaves an asset to storage.
ScrollElementScrolls a specified element within a webpage.
SliceVariableSlices and manipulates data stored in variables.
SortDataSorts data in a specified order.
SwitchTabSwitches between tabs within the browser.
SwitchToSwitches focus to a specified window or frame.
TabURLRetrieves the URL of a specified tab.
TakeScreenshotCaptures a screenshot of a webpage.
TriggerInitiates a trigger action.
TriggerEventTriggers a specified event on a webpage.
UploadFileUploads a file to a webpage.
WaitConnectionWaits for a stable internet connection.
WebHookSends data or performs actions via webhooks.
WhileLoopRepeats actions within a loop based on a specified condition.
InsertWorkflowHandlerInserts a workflow handler into the algorithm.
Stock PredictionUtilizes stock prediction algorithms.
MACDApplies the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator.
Stochastic RSIApplies the Stochastic RSI indicator.
Bollinger BandsApplies the Bollinger Bands indicator.
IchimokuApplies the Ichimoku indicator.
SupertrendApplies the Supertrend indicator.
Candle ColorAnalyzes candlestick colors.
One Candle PatternAnalyzes single candlestick patterns.
MA Distance ThresholdEvaluates Moving Average distance thresholds.
MA CrossoverIdentifies Moving Average crossovers.
Dynamic Support and ResistanceDetects dynamic support and resistance levels.
Trend IdentificationIdentifies trends in price movements.
Click ElementSimulates clicking on a specified element.
Open Link ElementOpens a link specified by an element.
Repeat TaskRepeats a specified task.
Loop BreakpointBreaks a loop based on a specified condition.
Blocks GroupGroups multiple blocks together.
Hover ElementSimulates hovering over a specified element.
Handle DialogHandles browser dialog interactions.
Reload TabReloads a specified tab within the browser.

This extensive list of nodes covers a wide range of trading strategies, technical indicators, and browser interactions, allowing you to build sophisticated algorithms tailored to your trading goals.

Workflow Design and Execution

In the Visual Editor, you can connect the nodes together by simply dragging and dropping connections between them. This creates a visual representation of the workflow for your trading strategy. Once your workflow is designed, you can execute it, backtest it, and optimize it to fine-tune your trading strategies.


With the Visual Editor, you have the power to construct complex trading algorithms without the need for coding. By leveraging the wide range of nodes available, you can build sophisticated strategies using a visually intuitive interface. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader, the Visual Editor empowers you to explore and implement your trading ideas effectively.

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