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  • j4t1nd3r

    2020-09-10 at 6:47 pm
    MT Roids 15089 Roids
    Level 16

    Is that setting the machinas base currency to USDT?

    I have created a paper trading machina on binance. Base currency set to USDT.
    Using Winter Trend strategy.
    Starting amount set to 128 USDT (roughly 100 GBP), set to use the top 10 coins by volume.
    I have changed the minimum buy amount of volume from 300 to 10.

    I tried something similar on bittrex but I kept getting errors. I will report back if the new binance machin trades. 🙂

    I noticed you guys have a bug, when you add the top 10 coins, it doesn’t populate the allowed coins field. I have to click in disallowed coins and then back to allowed for it to populate with empty boxes which are the allowed coins. The text does not appear in the boxes as they should.

    Another issue to note, I find the website for the trader is not very responsive. Elements take time to load especially when going to the dashboard of the machina.

    If you guys can give me any other tips or set expectations, I am all ears. Thanks