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    Dear MachinaTrader community,

    We are happy to announce the entrance into private beta!

    You can look forward to the following features:

    • Machina Wizard to create and configure your trading bots or the use of pre-built short and long-term trading strategies
    • Backtesting of pre-built trading strategies or your own ones, by using python scripts or by modifying prebuilt strategies
    • Use different trade indicators or combine multiple ones for more elaborate trading
    • More detailed buy/sell information provided within charts during automated trading
    • Manual trading options and one-stop shop for managing your exchange trades
    • A Community area, which you can use for conversations and discussions
    • Live trading will be activated for testing
    • New built-in strategies and a total of 6 exchanges available

    New features

    Trading View Charts

    The charting within the solution has been fully converted to Trading View charts, the main updated area here is the backtesting screen along with introducing new indicator drawing methods

    • Backtesting
    • Dashboard
    • Indictor drawing updates

    UI Updates

    The UI overall has gone through it’s next iteration of the MachinaCore standard base layout.


    Additional exchanges have been added to the system as well as the introduction of live trading. Live trading is in early testing and has some issues, these are being worked on actively.

    Machina Ecosystem

    The various components are now live to support the end to end proceess from a user’s registration all the way through to the deployment of their instance

    Bug fixes

    Numerous issues have been fixed in this release, however we are still in the process of working through the issue list.

    Please raise issues as you find them and we will schedule updates and expediate any urgent items when required via:

    [email protected]

    Disclaimer of liability

    The functionalities contained on the MachinaTrader platform is for testing purposes only. You should not rely upon the functionalities as a basis for making any business, legal or any other decisions. Especially, functionalities such as live trading are still under development and could result in a loss of funds. Although we always try to ensure the functionality and reliability of the platform, MachinaTrader or MachinaWare makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied about the completeness, accuracy, reliability suitability or availability with respect to the platform and its functionalities in the beta stage. Any reliance you place on these functionalities is therefore strictly at your own risk.

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