How to buy Family tokens directly in Metamask

  • How to buy Family tokens directly in Metamask

  • Cpt.Hoek

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    2021-06-04 at 10:15 am
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    The steps below will guide your through the process of buying FAMILY tokens directly in your Metamask wallet.

    • Open your Metamask wallet in your browser and fill in your password
    • Click the swap button which is to be found below your balance
    • “Swap from” will be the currency you like to exchange for FAMILY tokens
    • “Swap to” will be the FAMILY token, to be found through the search function as Family “the bitcoin family”
    • Fill in the amount of “currency” you would like to swap for FAMILY tokens and press review swap
    • Wait till the progress is finished and review the amount of tokens and the transaction fee
    • You can now accept by pressing the swap button or simply reject if the transaction fees are to high for example

    Below you can find two screenshots to show you how it should look like in your Metamask wallet

  • Richie

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    2021-06-13 at 10:46 pm
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    Done. I now own 2,2K FAMILY.

    Does that already make me a liquidity provider, or do I need to follow these steps in addition?

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