How to buy Family tokens on Uniswap

  • How to buy Family tokens on Uniswap

  • Cpt.Hoek

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    2021-06-03 at 9:55 pm
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    To buy family tokens you need to have ETH or another ERC20 token available on Uniswap

    To see the FAMILY chart on uniswap use this link:

    Follow these step below to buy Family tokens

    Go to connect your metamask with uniswap (right top corner)

    Select Swap section and fill up the amount of ETH you wish to swap for Family.

    Press swap and Confirm swap then double check the transaction fees before clicking in the metamask wallet. (Check the picture)

  • WiFikid

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    2021-06-03 at 11:50 pm
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    I bought family coins directly from MetaMask and I don’t think I used uniswap (I could directly access my ETH from my cold wallet)

    Was this unwise ? Why should I use uniswap v2?

    • Cpt.Hoek

      Bitcoin Family Administrator
      2021-06-04 at 9:51 am
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      Yeah sure that is also possible, it basically is the same thing. The goal here is to educate people on using Uniswap, but good point we will make “how to buy FAMILY in Metamask”. Thanks for your feedback it’s highly appriciated!

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