A fully-fledged Trading
Ecosystem for your Institution

Data analytics, trading and seamless end-to-end connectivity to crypto exchanges and traditional asset brokers, forged into one platform. Accelerate your time-to-market in trading digital assets with MachinaTrader.

The capital markets are undergoing a significant transformation in the way assets are managed. An increasing number of institutions strive to diversify their portfolio with digital assets, spread their risk
and maximize profits in a volatile market. Hence, minimizing latency during buy and sell order execution are fundamental. Liquidity and a comprehensive range of functionality to analyze data, run, plan and execute trades manually or automatically are key.

At MachinaTrader we are bringing your trading capabilities to a higher level by enabling you to seamlessly connect to your preferred exchange, use the industry standard of trading and analytics capabilities and accurately keep track of your portfolios in the crypto and traditional markets.


All-in-one Trading Terminal for Institutions

Benefit from a fully customizable dashboard with a complete overview of your orders, executions and positions, ideally suited for analysts, traders and portfolio managers.


Customizable License Models

Thanks to our all-inclusive licensing model, you can use all MachinaTrader‘s analytics, trading and automated market-making services included in the standard package. Extensions and adjustments to your unique needs can be arranged with us easily.


Seamless infrastructure Integration

MachinaTrader can be installed and embedded into all existing company infrastructures and technology stacks. MachinaTrader is built on state-of-the-art technology and thus minimizes any integration risk.


Single Point of Access to your desired Trading Venue

MachinaTrader supports all major and prevalent crypto and traditional exchange facilities, which you can connect effortlessly to access market data and liquidity to manage orders and execute trades accurately.


Branded and White Label Solution

Experience MachinaTrader in your branding and fully customizable corporate look, without any development efforts.


Maximum Security

Install and host MachinaTrader within your given security standards and choose different deployment scenarios, such as cloud- and on-premise solutions.


Risk Management

Keep your risk levels under control using stop loss orders, price alerts, blacklisting of assets, tracking your margin levels and reviewing consolidated portfolio evaluations.



Define module-specific user roles and permissions and authorize or restrict them for changing or read-only capabilities. Trace in comprehensive logs which activities and changes were performed. Model your company‘s specific compliance requirements via our customizable audit framework.

Automatic order Generation through fully customizable Trading Algorithms


Turn your visions into investment strategies

Optimize your Market Alpha by designing comprehensive and the most complex trading strategies with MachinaTrader‘s state-of-the-art development kit and built-in libraries.

Develop strategies in the most common Languages

Make use of many prefabricated trading algorithms, customize them to your unique needs or build your own from scratch. Write strategies natively in Python or C# or integrate external source code into your algorithm library.

Integrate any Data Source

Respond faster and more precisely to market events by connecting to any relevant data stream and provider to derive your automated trading commands.


Backtest with validated Market Data

Perform a thorough evaluation and validation of your trading algorithms
under real market conditions. Optimize them through automatic time horizon adjustment and Machine Learning training models.

Seamless Connection from Design to Execution

Transfer and release your quant strategies with our integrated release management system. Transition your updated and backtested strategy models from paper trading to live trading seamlessly in just a few clicks.

Use multiple Viewpoints

Run backtests in seconds with predetermined market situations such as bearish and bullish trends, and embed specific indicators to derive the optimal strategy for your investment goals.


Limitless Improvement Cycles

Build different versions of your trading strategy and compare performances side by side. Record any adjustments to efficiently implement them in your next development cycle.

Integrate external Strategies

Easily paste and compile existing strategy code written in Python or C# and use MachinaTrader to manage, backtest, optimize and launch your external strategies on the crypto and traditional markets.

Intelligent Parameterization with the Power of AI

Dynamically derive the optimal parameters for various market conditions and train your quant models with built-in machine learning solutions.

End-to-end Connection to your preferred Exchange

Deploy your algorithms across all major digital asset exchanges. With our included server allocation system, ensure an even greater competitive lead in execution speed.

We help you to successfully transform your visions into trading strategies


We support you to define your vision and ideas into a strategy blueprint.


We accurately estimate the delivery time and together we establish milestones and budgets.


Development and Testing

We accurately estimate the delivery time and together we establish milestones and budgets.


We deliver your strategy directly embedded in your instance(s) – plug and play ready.

Comprehensive buy- and sell order placement and position management

Use MachinaTrader as a one-stop solution to trade your spot and derivative assets held across your preferred exchange accounts and liquidity venues.

Keep Control

Position Management on your preferred Trading Venue

Allocate assets and monitor risk levels across different portfolios and positions in real-time via our seamless end-to-end connection to your preferred digital exchange.

Third-party Integration

In addition to various manual order entry options, the order management system offers interfaces to third-party software and API’s, which additionally supports your foundation for decision-making in order positioning.


Order Monitoring

Execute your trades and monitor the order status of all your open orders and verify profit & loss levels over time horizons and different pairs, organized in intuitive perspectives and categories. All supported via our REST and WebSocket API Interfaces.

Asset Tracking

Track your P&L benchmarks and actively manage balances held by your exchange wallets from a central point at MachinaTrader.

Pre and Post-Trade Analysis

Chart your strategic purchases and examine where you went right and wrong according to your trading plan and establish a better foundation for the future. Analyze prevailing market conditions, current global events and willingness for risk via our interfaces for market-, sentiment- and social media data.


Reports and Logs

Use our export functions to analyze your transactions, positions and assets in common formats.

Trade history

Examine and review your entire buy and sell order histories in utmost detail and across all of your exchanges from one central location. Verify which specific pairs have been executed at particular times on which accounts.

MT supports all industry relevant trading indicators, technical parameters, operating systems and more.

100+ Trading Indicators

  • Overlap studies
  • Momentum indicators
  • Volume indicators
  • Volatility indicators
  • Cycle indicators
  • Fluctuation indicators
  • Candle pattern recognition
  • Statistic functions
  • Market sentiment indicators
  • Web-Scraping
  • Strategy orchestration indicators
  • …and many more

50+ Pre-built Algorithms

  • WilliamsR _ActivatorLine
  • StochRSI
  • EMA 8/21
  • MACD
  • EMA8/21 enhanced
  • DCA
  • Volume Spike Indendifier
  • …and many more

Supported Order Types

  • Market
  • Limit
  • Stop

TIF Options

  • FOK
  • EOD
  • GTD
  • GTC
  • IOC

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • BSD
  • MacOS

Built on MachinaCore, the backend to build your highly scalable, fast and state-of-the-art platforms

Participate in all Markets

Include all major crypto and traditional exchanges and connect to any market data providers.

Focus on your Core Business

We are taking care of all interfaces and connections to digital exchanges and data providers and eliminate issues.

Maximize your Returns

Our engine elaborates the best conditions to fill your sell and buy orders across all exchanges and runs your quant strategies on the best technology stack to reduce your execution time on the market.