Advanced Configuration

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This article explains all settings in the advanced configuration view of Machinas on MachinaTrader. To switch from the basic view to the advanced view, simply click on the button “Basic View” / “Advanced View” on the top right of the configuration page. Just on the left of the view-mode switch button, you can find the menu items to delete the Machina (Recycle Bin Symbol) or export the Machina Settings (Export Symbol). When switching to “Advanced View”, following additional menu-items are being displayed:
  1. Base
  2. Buy
    1. Coins & Amounts – All settings regarding blacklisting & whitelisting of assets to trade and more.
  3. Sell
    1. Stop-loss – All stop-loss specific settings.
    2. Trailing stop-loss – enable or disable trailing stop-loss and configure parameters.
    3. Auto Close – enable/disable Autoclose and period.

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