Create a Machina

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To create a new Machina, navigate to Machina Wizard in the left menu.  The first step of the wizard is to select the Trading account to use for this Machina.   If you want to use an existing one, enable it by clicking on it. To create a new Trading Account, give it a name and select the target exchange.   By default paper trading is selected. For live trading, disable this option to enter the corresponding API Keys.  Once the trading account has been defined, click Next to proceed to the next step. This step enables you to select the type of Machina, at this stage two types are available:   Strategy Machina which is intended for running automated trading based on a Strategy and Manual Trading Machina which is intended for executing trades based on target prices.  Let’s select a Strategy Machina and press Next to move to the next step.  As we have selected a Strategy Machina, we now need to select which strategy to use with this Machina, there are several pre-existing strategies from the market place to choose from.   It is always recommended to take the time to backtest a strategy and understand when it performs trades, for which markets and conditions it is suitable before letting it trade real assets for you.  After selecting a strategy, click on Next.  We are now on the summary screen where we can see the selected exchange and  the strategy that is going to be used  In this step, we can also configure the Trading Interval and the parameters which are specific to the selected Trading Strategy.  Once this is done and If everything looks correct, press Save and View to confirm and you have just created your first Machina! 
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