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The Exchange Settings Page allows you to set up your Exchange Accounts that you want to trade with using MachinaTrader.


The Logs Page allows You to see the global System logs of MachinaTrader in realtime.


The Plugins page allows You to see what plugins your MT-system has loaded and it lets you enable/disable plugins as well.

MT System / Candle Configuration

The Candles configuration page allows you to set the minimum required numbers of candles needed for user strategies.

MT System / Logging Configuration

The Logging configuration page allows you to set the following logging options:
  1. Backtest Logging
  2. User Script Logging
  3. User Script Output
  4. API Logging
  5. Candle Engine Logging
  6. Order Logging
  7. Exchange Simulator Logging
  8. Exchange Account Balance Deltas
Please keep in mind that each Machina also has its own logging within the Machina-Menu.

MT System / System Configuration

The System configuration page allows you to set the global settings for your MT-System.
  1. Auto Start Machinas (on/off)
  2. Use Partial Files (on/off)

MT System / Telegram Configuration

The Telegram configuration allows you to send system messages/alerts of MachinaTrader directly to your mobile phone or personal computer using Telegram.
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