Strategy Dev: mtCommon Library

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mtCommon (MachinaTrader Common) Library

The mtCommon Library needs to be imported and is cited as _mt. It can be used via any method of your strategy. It exposes a set of methods and helpers that can be used for defining parameters, managing storage, plotting and generating logs/output.

Defining and Retrieving parameters

This topic has a dedicated article:

Persistant Storage

Some strategies may require some data or state so that it is not lost when a Machina is stopped or when an instance is restarted. For this purpose we can use setVal to store data and getVal to read data from the persisted storage.


setVal takes 2 parameters, a unique name for the data to be stored and its value.
_mt.setVal(‘lastOperation’, userOp)


getVal takes a single parameter which is the unique name for the data to be retrieved from the storage.
userOp = _mt.getVal(‘lastOperation’)


To plot on the chart during the execution, in this case, plotPoint is the helper to be used via the onTick method.


plotPoint takes 3 parameters, the name/label that will identify this indicator, the value for the current tick and the output color.
_mt.plotPoint(‘Fast’, taFast, ‘#80b3ff’)


The important information can be rendered to the logs returned to the user. For this, the logInfoP helper should to be used.


logInfoP takes a single parameter which is the string to report to the user.
    _mt.logInfoP(‘onInit called [‘ + STRAT_NAME + ‘ ‘ + VERSION + ‘]’)
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