Private Alpha Release Notes

MT Alpha Release Notes Alpha


Dear Machinisti
Thank you for all the patience over the last weeks. We are very sorry for making You all wait so long.

It was really some bad luck on top of a couple of self-made issues that led to this large delay on releasing our Private Alpha of MachinaTrader.

We do now have a state that is testable, but the system does not yet reflect the full speed capabilities as we are still doing tweaks on the backend.

Wikipedia says this about the ALPHA state of a software build:

“The first version of a computer program intended for testing by others (not the actual developers) is often called the alpha version. Although the term is not precisely defined, an alpha version usually already contains the basic components of the software product – but it is almost essential that later versions extend the range of functions.

In particular, alpha versions usually contain bugs in the extent or quantity that make them unsuitable for productive use.”

However, with the current version of MT you should totally be able to get a first impression and play a bit with the basics.

Some last notes before you start…
– The current test instances reflect our smallest future subscription “bronze”.
– The system will cache data on first requests, in other words, it becomes faster while using it.
– When making larger backtests, please be patient until the execution starts, this is a known bug and will be solved shortly.

If you have any further questions please use our forums or get in touch via email

For more details on the current version, please read the below Private Alpha Release Notes:

General Notes Release Version 698e4425

MachinaTrader’s Private Alpha is our first release to a larger audience and marks another milestone on our journey to our final release, scheduled for the mid-year.

The Private Alpha depicts an early stage of development, where our core engines and features are available in their initial forms.

For the start of the Private Alpha, Live-Trading is disabled, however all relevant features can be explored via Paper Trading. Live-Trading will be activated once the base platform has passed its internal testing.

The Private Alpha and the social network of MachinaTrader are both intended for a limited invited audience only.

What Features are available?

MachinaTrader Social Network
– Public MachinaTrader Forum
– Private Messaging and Friends System
– User creation and profile management
– Public, private or hidden groups with personalized group profile and dedicated forums
– Social and activity walls
– Knowledge base and University content

– Personal Profile Privacy System not activated (set profile to public, private, hidden)
– Partner System and Pages not integrated
– Social System not integrated with Marketplace

MachinaTrader Dashboard
– Machina Widget
– Trades Widget
– Downloadable pre-configured widgets
– Support for fully customizable widgets (WYSIWYG)
– Basic layout and theme customization

– The widget layout is not saved
– Widgets not lockable
– Widget full-screen mode is broken
– Widgets not integrated to Marketplace, prototype view only

MachinaTrader Marketplace
– Search by name or filter by type
– Subscribe to Trading Strategies
– Possibility to backtest before subscribing

– Stats / Rating / Performance in Marketplace are placeholders
– Community widgets and Signal Services not available

MachinaTrader Machina Wizard
– Easy three steps Machina creation wizard
– Configure Exchange API keys or enable Paper trading
– Machina type selection (Strategy or Manual Trading Machina)
– Strategy selection from the Marketplace
– Strategy configuration and confirmation screen

– Signal Services Machinas not available
– Machine Learning Machinas not available

MachinaTrader Machina Dashboard
– TradingView charts integration
– Machina portfolio view
– Trades widget
– Exchange Account & Machina Info Screens
– Machina Log Viewer

MachinaTrader Machina Config
– Switch between basic and advanced settings
– Configure Machina name and type
– Define the orders directions (Buy only, Sell only, both)
– Configure Buy and Sell settings
– Select the enabled and blacklisted pairs
– Stop-loss, trailing stop-loss and auto-close

MachinaTrader Backtesting
– Reuse the previous Backtests or select a strategy from the Marketplace
– Exchange, base current and target pair selection
– Interval and period selection
– Automatic historical data download
– Integrated Script Editor
– Live chart and stats update while a Backtest is being calculated
– Logs widget
– Orders widget
– Trades widget

MachinaTrader Manual Trading
– TradingView chart widget
– Exchange live ticker
– Balances widget
– Manual Buy and Sell widgets
– Semi-automatic Buy and Sell widget with target prices and profits

– Intelligent news ticker not available
– TradingView Strategy integration not available

MachinaTrader Trading Strategies / Editor
– Python script-based strategies
– Access to all common python compatible libraries
– Built-in selection of industry standard libraries for statistics, TA and machine learning
– Possibility to define parameters that the user can configure in the UI
– Define the number of candles required by the strategy
– Simple Trading Strategies, returns a Buy, Sell or Hold signal after every new candle
– Trading Strategy, developer has full control over the Orders API
– Python Editor with code coloring and validation

MachinaTrader Intelligent News
– Prototype integration with latest news
– Support for RSI, Twitter, Discord
– Content-scraper

– Keyword tagging not available
– Machine learning sentiment analysis not available
– MachinaTrader social network integration not available