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How it works

MachinaTrader is more than a Crypto Trading Software. It's a professional and intelligent trading ecosystem. Innovative technology opens up a whole new world of opportunities in automated market-making, running in a high-security cloud environment or local on your devices. A growing community to swap ideas and daily News blogs to be informed will additionally gear you up for the road to Alpha.

Create a trading strategy like never before

Build, test and run your fully automated crypto bot with an outstanding set of features, options and services – for professionals and enthusiasts – and generate additional income by offering your winning strategies on our Social Marketplace.

Rent strategies & signals on our Social Marketplace

If you prefer the shortcut, you can rent successful trading strategies or subscribe to Signal Services from other users of the MT-Community. In addition, customizable built-in-templates will support you to improve your own strategies.

Buy & sell fully automated in realtime – 24/7

Connect your MachinaTrader Instance and trade directly via API on your Crypto Exchange Wallet and maximize your profits on the Crypto Markets. Share your results with the public or in private groups of the MT-Community. Increase your income with our referral program.


Supported Exchanges

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Join the Community

Become an active member of our growing community! Exchange ideas with others, discuss strategies or analyze the latest News. Get help if you have Questions – or just have a chat about the current market situation. By the way you can increase your user level and profit from additional benefits.


Become an affiliate

Once you enter the world of MachinaTrader, you probably want to share your experience. Send out a refferal link to your friends or place some fancy website banners to attract your visitors. For this purpose we offer a few nice banners. Our Affiliates Program will help you and your crowd to reach your profit goals.


subscription models


$19.99 / 1 Month
  • 1 Machina
  • 20 max. selected Pairs/Machina
  • Cloud hosted
  • $1000 Trading Equity Limit/Machina
Early Access Special


$49.99 $19.99 / 1 Month
  • 3 Machina
  • 50 max. selected Pairs/Machina
  • Cloud hosted
  • $5000 Trading Equity Limit/Machina


$99.99 / 1 Month
  • 5 Machina
  • 75 max. selected Pairs/Machina
  • Cloud hosted
  • $25 000 Trading Equity Limit/Machina


$249.99 / 1 Month
  • 15 Machina
  • 150 max. selected Pairs/Machina
  • Cloud hosted
  • Unlimited Trading Equity Limit/Machina
* All prices are VAT excluded

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the advantages of MachinaTrader is its ease of use. Our platform is made for everyone, beginners as well as professional traders. If you are a novice you can just rent a strategy in the marketplace and run your own Machina in 3 simple steps.

MachinaTrader has been built from the ground up with the various types of users that will use our platform in mind. Signal Service Providers will be one audience who will be specifically addressed via the provision of an extensive set of features. This will allow you to handle all of your business-related activities from a single integrated environment.

A Machina is an automated trading agent that executes trades on your preferred crypto exchange(s). A Machina allows you to run your own trading strategies, which you can create using either templates of our marketplace or our simple configuration wizards. If you are an advanced user, you may build whole new strategy approaches via our integrated development environment.

No, we are not a crypto exchange, we do not hold your assets at any time! We provide a sophisticated environment which allows you to automate your trading based upon the configured exchange(s).

MachinaTrader is an all-inclusive platform for crypto markets based on cutting-edge technology. Highly reliable, ultra-scalable, blazingly fast!

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