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MachinaTrader: Give your Crypto Bot what it really deserves.

Hi, I’m Bob, a crypto trading bot. In the beginning, I felt like nothing more than a rusty tin can, because I’ve been due some reliable features a long time ago… however, after delving into the world of MachinaTrader, my life went from zero to hero in the blink of an eye!

MachinaTrader contains a complete set of Features based on leading-edge Technology

Build, edit and configure Trading Strategies

Use industry standard indicators and advanced calculations as well as live or historical market data.

Easy to use Wizards

Configure complex trading mechanisms using our built-in configuration wizards.


Test trading strategies on live markets without using real funds and run backtests on historical market data.

Cloud hosted or local based

Use MachinaTrader online or take total control and run it locally and keep your private keys truly private.

Script Editor

Build & edit your trading strategies on a script based editor. Integrate data sources and libraries of your choice.

Intelligent Newsfeed

Get Market specific News in realtime while trading manually or use the aggregated data for your trading strategies.

Supported Exchanges


The most complete set of tools for Strategy Development & Trading​

MachinaTrader is your Swiss Army Knife for automated trading, which sets a new standard for developing, testing and executing trading strategies in one single place.

  • Professional tools for high performance trading, strategy backtesting and data analytics. No coding necessary.
  • One single cockpit to monitor, manage and trade your assets.
  • Our lean architecture enables rapid data download and processing speed.

Like-minded Community & unique Social Network for better decisions​

MachinaTrader is part of the community and the community is part of MachinaTrader. It’s a seamless integration that unifies technology with human interaction for advanced intelligent crowd data analytics.

  • Open source algorithm library and community-driven Marketplace.
  • Sentiment analysis based on user ratings, community interaction and machine learning outputs.
  • Public and private groups, beneficial discount and badge system based on user interaction.

Get rewarded for your skills and your outreach on our Social Marketplace

Signal Services, trading Strategies, Dashboard Widgets, extended reports & data sets provided by us or our Community. Join our affiliates program to boost your business and generate additional income.

  • Full transparency on performances and user ratings.
  • Customize and brand your product and keep control of your intellectual property.
  • Service fee only, no trading fees or hidden costs.

Stay tuned & get in touch: Join our channels.

Community and Friends

Share your experience with our community and learn about Crypto Trading in the MachinaTrader University. Invite friends, share trading strategies and benefit from our referral program. Learn, develop and maximize your profits. Together!

Join our community​

Become an active member of our growing community! Exchange ideas with others, discuss strategies or analyze the latest News. Get help if you have Questions – or just have a chat about the current market situation. By the way you can increase your user level and profit from additional benefits.

Become an affiliate

Once you enter the world of MachinaTrader, you will want to share your experience. Send out a refferal link to your friends or place some fancy website banners to attract your visitors. For this purpose we offer a few nice banners. Our Affiliates Program will help you and your crowd to reach your profit goals.

Learn at the MT University​

Learn how to get the most out of our crypto trading ecosystem. From simple tasks such as getting started or setting up your first Machina to challenging tasks about complex trading strategies. Find out how to develop a handy strategy – and how you can continuously adapt it to the current market situation.
MachinaTrader is an amazing product and definitely raising the bar for the entire industry when it comes to technology, functionality and speed! This is the future of automated trading! Great job guys.”
Didi Taihuttu
The Bitcoin Family, Official MT Ambassador

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the advantages of MachinaTrader is its ease of use. Our platform is made for everyone, beginners as well as professional traders. If you are a novice you can just rent a strategy in the marketplace and run your own Machina in 3 simple steps.

MachinaTrader has been built from the ground up with the various types of users that will use our platform in mind. Signal Service Providers will be one audience who will be specifically addressed via the provision of an extensive set of features. This will allow you to handle all of your business-related activities from a single integrated environment.

A Machina is an automated trading agent that executes trades on your preferred crypto exchange(s). A Machina allows you to run your own trading strategies, which you can create using either templates of our marketplace or our simple configuration wizards. If you are an advanced user, you may build whole new strategy approaches via our integrated development environment.

No, we are not a crypto exchange, we do not hold your assets at any time! We provide a sophisticated environment which allows you to automate your trading based upon the configured exchange(s).

MachinaTrader is an all-inclusive platform for crypto markets based on cutting-edge technology. Highly reliable, ultra-scalable, blazingly fast!

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