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The MachinaTrader Platform offers the most complete set of tools and services for live & automated trading of cryptocurrencies, market analytics, portfolio management, and data science. Whether you are a novice trader, a strategy developer or a big institutional organization, we offer you an easy to use all-in-one package, that leaves nothing to be desired.

Everything in one place, highly secure and blazingly fast.

Features you’ll love

We have focused on developing the most comprehensive tools for trading with Bitcoin and other Crypto assets. From simple configuration wizards for automated signal services based trading to building & tweaking complex trading strategies and monetizing. On top of that, we have added some pretty exciting extras! 

Build your trading Machina

Build Your customized and fully automated trading bot based on our extensive set of features, options and services.

Build, edit and configure Trading Strategies

Use industry standard indicators and advanced calculations as well as live or historical market data.


Test trading strategies on live markets without using real funds and run backtests on historical market data.

Signal Services Marketplace

Subscribe and trade with your preferred services or host and sell your own to our community.

Manual Trading

Make your own decisions and control your funds & trades manually.

Strategy Trading

Use our built-in strategies or create your own. You can test and run them on the major crypto exchanges.

Account Monitoring

Monitor your portfolio or a specific account in read only mode.

Cloud hosted or local based

Use MachinaTrader online or take total control and run it locally and keep your private keys truly private.

Crypto Exchange API Support

MachinaTrader supports a constantly growing number of crypto exchanges.

Script Editor

Build & edit your trading strategies on a script based editor. Integrate data sources and libraries of your choice.

Portfolio Statistics

Track all your assets, financial operations as well as trading and portfolio performances.

Easy to use Wizards

Configure complex trading mechanisms using our built-in configuration wizards.

Platform Independence

MachinaTrader is compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Social Trading Marketplace

Share, lend or rent your trading strategies with our community and much more.

Visual Editor

Easy-to-use visual editor for building & editing your trading strategies.

Strategy Auctions

Auction your own trading strategies to the community or bid for an available one.

High Frequency Trading

Build HFT trading strategies and run them at the maximum supported speed/frequency.

Leverage Trading

Use leverage trading manually or via strategies.

Machine Learning

Use advanced Machine Learning tools for your trading strategies. Train your models using the power of Your GPUs.

Tax Audit

View and print a fully tax compliant portfolio and trading audit log.

Our Subscription Model

Our Subscription Model will be announced soonly!

Stay tuned & get in touch: Join our channels.

Business & Investor Services

MachinaTrader offers a wide range of B2B services, from platform related services such as signal services hosting to white labeling MachinaTrader. Please contact us to get more information.

MachinaTrader B2B

Run your own brand and host your signal service or fund management operation directly via the MachinaTrader platform. Maximize your profits with our B2B referral system.

MachinaTrader White Label

If you want to go a step further and integrate our solution with your business, MachinaTrader is also available as a white label product.

MachinaTrader Consulting

We do provide extensive consulting and project management services. Make your own projects a success and profit from our knowledge and experience.

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About us & our story

As crypto traders ourselves, we were dissatisfied with the tools available on the market. Those that were available, were either lacking features or were questionable in terms of perceived complexity, trustworthiness, tax compliance, and security. We therefore started to envision, elaborate and develop our own product which should ultimately comply with our high demands to quality, specificity and speed.

The MachinaTrader crypto trading platform was born! It’s built on the most capable leading-edge technologies combined with all our knowledge, expertise and passion. The starting point of the platform are the former open source projects Mynt & MyntUI created by Steven Thewissen and Thiemo Borger. Our team consists of an ambitious and dedicated group of highly experienced developers, crypto enthusiasts, crypto trading strategy developers and IT professionals from Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Australia. We leverage our broad expertise in these areas to provide to you a “best of bread” solution.