Features you’ll love

We have focused on developing the most comprehensive trading tools for your crypto bot. From simple configuration wizards for automated signal services based trading to building & tweaking complex trading strategies and monetizing. Setup your own Bob the bot with pretty exciting extras!

Build your trading Machina

Build Your customized and fully automated crypto trading bot based on our extensive set of features, options and services.

Build, edit and configure Trading Strategies

Use industry standard indicators and advanced calculations as well as live or historical market data.


Test trading strategies on live markets without using real funds and run backtests on historical market data.

Signal Services Marketplace

Subscribe and trade with your preferred services or host and sell your own to our community.

Manual Trading

Make your own decisions and control your funds & trades manually.

Strategy Trading

Use our built-in strategies or create your own. You can test and run them on the major crypto exchanges.

Account Monitoring

Monitor your portfolio or a specific account in read only mode.

Cloud hosted or local based

Use MachinaTrader online or take total control and run it locally and keep your private keys truly private.

Crypto Exchange API Support

MachinaTrader supports a constantly growing number of crypto exchanges.

Script Editor

Build & edit your trading strategies on a script based editor. Integrate data sources and libraries of your choice.

Portfolio Statistics

Track all your assets, financial operations as well as trading and portfolio performances.

Easy to use Wizards

Configure complex trading mechanisms using our built-in configuration wizards.

Platform Independence

MachinaTrader is compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Technical Indicators

Use our integrated indicators or build custom ones.

Intelligent Newsfeed

Get Market specific News in realtime while trading manually or use the aggregated data for your trading strategies.


Use build-in industry standard tools to Backup your data to any datastore you want.

Community Widgets Dashboard

Customize your dashboard with functional widgets, created by yourself or by other community members.


Automatically switch to Nightmode based on your browser settings or do it manually.


Use Visual Studio Code or any other IDE to write your scripts.

Custom Connectors

Our modular architecture allows highly efficient integration of any kind of API.

Visual Editor

Easy-to-use visual editor for building & editing your trading strategies.

Machine Learning

Use advanced Machine Learning tools for your trading strategies. Train your models using the power of Your GPUs.

Tax Audit

View and print a fully tax compliant portfolio and trading audit log.

Social Trading Marketplace

Share, lend or rent your trading strategies with our community and much more.

Strategy Auctions

Auction your own trading strategies to the community or bid for an available one.

High Frequency Trading

Build HFT trading strategies and run them at the maximum supported speed/frequency.

Leverage Trading

Use leverage trading manually or via strategies.

MachinaTrader allows multiple ways of creating a Machina/Strategy, depending on your level of skill. You may choose to use pre-built templates and strategies or finetune your own settings or even use the built-in Python script editor to create new strategies with unlimited possibilities. In any case, the best way to start is via our easy-to-use configuration Wizards.

MachinaTrader allows you to trade with any amount however, we advise you to check the limits of your exchange.

An automated trading system/bot, or algorithmic trading system, is a software that trades automatically, submitting buy/sell orders directly to an exchange. It’s based on the outcome of mathematical functions and/or trading rules calculated at the run time. At MachinaTrader we call this a Machina.

Signal providers are services that will send you trade signals/alerts for certain cryptocurrencies, which they consider a good buy/sell at a certain price level. You can bind your own Machinas to these signals and execute the suggested trades automatically, paying the Signal providers a fee for the services.

Backtesting is a system that allows you to simulate and analyze a trading strategy, using historical data, to measure its performance and to determine the risk and profitability in a safe environment.

MachinaTrader has no plans to participate in the market directly. However, you can stay tuned for all future product launches by subscribing to our Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter and other social media channels.

You can tune and manage your subscriptions to channels directly within MachinaTraderYou can subscribe and unsubscribe to channels, enable/disable them, and finetune the behaviour of your own Machina applying your custom settings. 

There is no Signal provider with a magical formula that has it right all the time.    Regardless, on our Marketplace you can rank them for example in terms of profit performance and costs and then choose the best option for you. 

To become Signal provideryou will need a Diamond or a Diamond+ subscription, please see the documentation for additional details.

We provide a Windows Installer and a .deb package if you want to use Linux.

Profit can never be guaranteed. MachinaTrader enables you to maximize your profits, by providing you with the best tools on the market. 

Yes, we have a referral program planned in a future release. Once available you will be able to get your friends on board and get rewarded.

One of the advantages of MachinaTrader is its ease of use. Our platform is made for everyone, beginners as well as professional traders. If you are a novice you can just rent a strategy in the marketplace and run your own Machina in 3 simple steps.

MachinaTrader has been built from the ground up with the various types of users that will use our platform in mind. Signal Service Providers will be one audience who will be specifically addressed via the provision of an extensive set of features. This will allow you to handle all of your business-related activities from a single integrated environment.

A Machina is an automated trading agent that executes trades on your preferred crypto exchange(s). A Machina allows you to run your own trading strategies, which you can create using either templates of our marketplace or our simple configuration wizards. If you are an advanced user, you may build whole new strategy approaches via our integrated development environment.

You may run multiple Machinas at any time based upon your MT subscription. You can upgrade your subscription and get unlimited Machinas. Okay, maybe not unlimited but pretty darn close!  

We currently support Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex, Lykke and will be rapidly expanding the list in future releases. 

No, we are not a crypto exchange, we do not hold your assets at any time! We provide a sophisticated environment which allows you to automate your trading based upon the configured exchange(s).

We support all trading pairs available on every supported exchange.