Embark on a Unique Journey to the moon:

An Exclusive Collection of 10,000 Galactic NFTs and Digital Collectibles

Plunge into an Extraordinary Realm of Creatures, Robots and Spaceships, unlocking discounts of up to 50% on your MachinaTrader Subscription.

Awaits: Exclusive Memberships for Traders, Space Enthusiasts, and NFT Connoisseurs. Join an Ever-Growing Community in our Vast Trading Universe, unveiling Benefits and Utilities beyond imagination. The cosmos has never been this rewarding.

Embark on a Unique Journey to the moon:

An Exclusive Collection of 10,000 Galactic NFTs and Digital Collectibles

Plunge into an Extraordinary Realm of Creatures, Robots and Spaceships, unlocking discounts of up to 50% on your MachinaTrader Subscription.

Awaits: Exclusive Memberships for Traders, Space Enthusiasts, and NFT Connoisseurs. Join an Ever-Growing Community in our Vast Trading Universe, unveiling Benefits and Utilities beyond imagination. The cosmos has never been this rewarding.

Galactic Odyssey

What's in for you?
Spaceships, Bots & Creatures

Each NFT offers a spectrum of advantages and utilities, including lifelong discounts on your MachinaTrader Subscription ranging from 20% to 50%, a Metaverse-ready Wearable, and additional perks.

Participate in the free Minting until 23 September. Following the unveiling from 24 september, secure your preferred NFT for a mere 0.025 ETH on Opensea.io. These discounts remain effective for MachinaTrader Subscriptions or Products on our marketplace upon the grand release.

But there’s more – gear up for the metaverse! Every NFT holder gains access to an exclusive limited wearable: the BobTheBot robot suite. Join the elite pioneers for only 0.025 ETH and embark on a Journey. Start your adventure today!

As seen on:

Catch a first glimpse


At this extraordinary gathering spot, these delightful creatures offered their mischievous assistance to help the traders gather the juiciest and most ingenious ideas. It was a wild mix of brainstorming, laughter, and wild antics as the creatures unleashed their magical powers of inspiration. Little did the traders know that these cheeky creatures had a master plan to turbocharge their success. With their whimsical charm and mischievous wit, the creatures revealed their secret agenda, leaving everyone in fits of laughter and excitement. 


Earlier this year, mysterious robots from another galaxy invited the most skilled traders on Earth to MachinaTrader. They will have the chance to connect, exchange ideas, and collaborate to achieve even greater fortunes.


In the vast cosmos, spaceships bring together Traders, creatures and robots for wild collaboration. With their boundless creativity and whimsy, the creatures join forces with the precise logic and tech prowess of the robots. Together, they create mind-blowing inventions, and cosmic shenanigans. It’s a wacky mix of ancient wisdom, cutting-edge algorithms, and intergalactic fun. These Spaceships are the hottest spots in the universe.

The MachinaTrader Ecosystem

Utilities and benefits

The royalties and revenue generated from NFT transactions will play a crucial role in developing and enhancing the most powerful and driven trading ecosystem suitable for all users and traders. These funds will be allocated towards continuous research and development, allowing us to implement innovative features, improve platform functionality, and optimize user experience. We will invest in advanced technologies and infrastructure upgrades to ensure reliable and efficient trading operations. By utilizing NFT proceeds wisely, we are committed to building a thriving and inclusive trading ecosystem that caters to the diverse needs of our users and traders.


Early access and Discounts

The NFT and its unique features offer many exciting benefits for collectors. They provide access to our exclusive trading platform and act as special tickets, giving collectors early access to exciting opportunities, such as lifetime discounts on subscriptions.



The NFTs have a strong presence in our community, allowing collectors to have a say in the platform’s development. By actively participating and sharing their thoughts, collectors can influence the direction the platform takes.



The NFTs can be used in various creative ways. They can grant access to exclusive events and experiences in the metaverse and provide bonus content. Being among the first to enjoy the benefits they offer, staying ahead of the curve and enjoying early content and feature releases.


Secondary Markets

Trading NFTs on Opensea. MachinaTrader will collect a 10% Royalties for each trade, to fund the Development of MachinaTrader Ecoystem.

Rarest traits and Discount benefits​​

The Numbers. More about our Subscription Models on the landingpage.




50% on MachinaTrader local Diamond Subscription




40% on MachinaTrader Platin Subscription ​




40% on MachinaTrader Gold Subscription




30% on MachinaTrader Silver Subscription




20% on MachinaTrader Bronze Subscription

Our Roadmap


17 of September 2023

End of Free Minting Challenge - Start of Minting


23 of September 2023

End of Minting


24 of September 2023

Reveal & Vernissage Party in Decentraland. Sale starts on Opensea.io, buy your NFT for 0.025 ETH


October 2023

Early Access Launch of the MachinaTrader Software


Q1 2024

Final Release of MachinaTrader and activation of NFT Discount System.

Compliance & Law

mt icon compliance

Changes in NFT Collection Distribution
As a Switzerland-based company, we are fully committed to strict compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in Switzerland. In accordance with Swiss gambling laws, we are prohibited from distributing and selling our NFT collection through random discounts in a unrevealed manner, as this is classified as gambling. Consequently, we are obligated to conduct the public sale on OpenSea without the “reveal” phase.

What Does This Mean in Practical Terms?
In essence, this means that our NFT collection will be made available directly on OpenSea without the traditional reveal process. Here are the key details:

No Reveal Phase: Unlike some NFT collections where the NFTs are initially concealed and later unveiled to purchasers, our NFTs will be visible to all users on OpenSea right from the start after the free minting phase.

Transparency: We place significant emphasis on transparency and fairness in our distribution process. By conducting the sale openly, all users have equal access to view and acquire NFTs right from the outset.

We genuinely appreciate your understanding and support as we navigate these regulatory requirements. Our primary objective is to establish a secure and compliant environment for our community. We are deeply grateful for your participation in our journey, and we eagerly anticipate sharing our NFT collection with you.

More about us and our company

Frequently Asked Questions


An NFT, or Non-Fungible Token, is a digital asset that represents ownership of a unique item or piece of content using blockchain technology. NFTs can also include benefits such as access to exclusive content or even discounts on digital services.

MachinaTrader NFTs include discounts on subscriptions to their services.

Register on this page until 17 september 2023 latest and follow the challenge.

The sale on Opensea.io starts 25 September 2023.

Yes, you can sell your NFT on NFT marketplaces. When someone purchases it, ownership is transferred to them, and you receive the proceeds in cryptocurrency.

MetaMask is a popular cryptocurrency wallet and browser extension that allows you to manage digital assets like NFTs. Follow these steps to hold an NFT using MetaMask:

Step 1: Install MetaMask
Install the MetaMask browser extension from the official website MetaMask.io or from your browser’s extension store (e.g., Chrome Web Store). Follow the installation prompts and create a new wallet or import an existing one.

Step 2: Fund Your Wallet
Ensure your MetaMask wallet is funded with the cryptocurrency of the blockchain where the NFT is minted (e.g., Ethereum for Ethereum-based NFTs). If needed, purchase the required cryptocurrency from a reputable exchange and send it to your MetaMask wallet address.

Step 3: Access NFT Marketplace
Open your browser and go to an NFT marketplace like Opensea.io that supports MetaMask. Connect your MetaMask wallet to the marketplace by clicking the “Connect Wallet” or similar button on the website.

Step 4: Browse and Select an NFT
Explore the NFT marketplace and find the NFT you want to hold. Click on the NFT to view its details, including the creator, description, and price.

Step 5: Purchase the NFT
If the NFT is available for sale, click the “Buy Now” or “Place a Bid” button. A MetaMask pop-up will appear, showing the transaction details. Review the information. Click “Confirm” to initiate the transaction.

Step 6: Approve the Transaction
MetaMask will prompt you to approve the transaction and pay the required gas fees (transaction fees) to process the NFT purchase. Review the gas fees and click “Confirm” if you’re comfortable with them.

Step 7: Wait for Confirmation
Once confirmed, wait for the blockchain to process the transaction. You can track the progress on the MetaMask extension. The NFT will be transferred to your wallet’s NFT collection once the transaction is complete.

Step 8: Viewing Your NFT
To view your held NFTs, click on the MetaMask extension icon in your browser. Access your wallet and navigate to the “Collectibles” or “NFTs” section to see your purchased NFTs.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully used MetaMask to hold an NFT! Remember that each blockchain and NFT platform might have slight variations in the process, but this general guide should help you get started. Always exercise caution when interacting with wallets and make sure to verify the authenticity of the NFTs and the marketplace you’re using.

Bob is working hard to provide answers to any questions you have, and we constantly update our FAQs, our documentations and the MachinaTrader University. You can also check our community support forum or write an email to support@machinatrader.com in case of technical issues with Your existing account/subscription.

Referral Program

Yes, we have a referral program planned in a future release. Once available you will be able to get your friends on board and get rewarded.