Bitget, a crypto derivatives exchange based in Seychelles, has seen significant growth, expanding its team from 1,100 to 1,500 employees and its user base from 8 million to 20 million. In an open letter, Bitget’s Managing Director, Gracy Chen, credited the support team for playing a crucial role in recovering over 495,000 USDT in missing assets.

Bitget capitalized on the market resurgence, witnessing a 94% surge in spot trading volume in 2023. The exchange also introduced 355 new coin listings during the same period, marking a 46% year-on-year increase in offerings. This positive business performance contributed to the price growth of Bitget’s native token, BGB. Starting the year at $0.18, BGB reached an all-time high of $0.704 in December, marking a substantial 291% surge. This surge propelled BGB into the top 5 CEX platform tokens by market capitalization.

Looking ahead, Bitget has outlined its development strategy for the next year, focusing on three key areas: compliance, emerging markets, and Web 3. In July 2023, Bitget underwent a rebranding initiative following its acquisition of BitKeep, which was subsequently renamed to Bitget Wallet. This strategic move significantly boosted the exchange’s trading volume, briefly propelling Bitget to become the fourth-largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, as highlighted in TokenInsight’s second-quarter report.

In August, Bitget announced a one-year partnership with popular American actor and comedian Adam Devine as part of the #SetForChange campaign. The derivatives marketplace also launched the ‘Bitget EmpowerX Fund’ to maximize its long-term impact in the digital assets space and its ecosystem.

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