Delta Air Lines Navigates Supply Chain Issues Amid Digital Transformation

Delta Air Lines is facing macroeconomic challenges and labor issues that are impacting its near-term outlook. The Atlanta-based airline recently informed investors that it is now entering a period of optimization after two years of intense restoration. Despite beating expectations in the most recent fourth quarter, Delta has adjusted its full-year earnings per share guidance […]

Swiss and Liechtenstein Banks Expand Operations in Germany

Amidst pressure on fees, high costs, and a less exclusive clientele, many banks have struggled to turn a profit in neighboring countries. UBS, Switzerland’s number one bank, has been grappling with special costs in the market until recent years.The St. Gallen Cantonal Bank is making waves by recruiting bankers in Munich, following the attention garnered […]

Swiss Banks Navigate Structural Changes Amid Rising Interest Rates

The past year has highlighted the vulnerability of even Swiss banks, as evidenced by the decline of Credit Suisse. The industry must therefore increasingly face structural change, focusing primarily on customer loyalty and higher value retention, as shown by the latest banking barometer from consulting firm EY.“We will see a series of record results,” said […]

Prime Invest 2023: BKB’s Sandro Merino Discusses Euro, Taiwan, and Insurance

In the latest edition of Prime Invest in 2023, BKB Investment Chief Sandro Merino addresses several questions from listeners:1. How will the Euro develop against the Swiss Franc in the coming year?2. What impact would a Chinese invasion in Taiwan have on the markets?3. What does an investment chief do all day?4. How important is […]

Blackrock Announces Job Cuts Amid Rapid Industry Changes, Plans Growth

Blackrock, the world’s largest asset manager, is planning to make job cuts in response to changes in the business. However, certain areas are expected to continue growing. The Blackrock management has announced layoffs in an internal memo, affecting around 600 employees or about 3% of the global workforce, as reported by news agency Bloomberg, citing […]

El Salvador Emerges as Global Leader Amid Economic Crises

El Salvador, under the leadership of President Nayib Bukele, is making waves in the global economic scene. Despite facing a fourth round of economic crises, the country is standing out with its bold policies and tangible improvements. Bitcoin and Bukele’s innovative vision have positioned El Salvador as a global reference, even amidst criticism and geopolitical […]

Swiss Financial Institutions: Trends, Leadership Changes, and Expansion Plans

The departure of media “Spin Doctor” Peter Dietlmaier leaves a significant gap in managing external perceptions. This may seem like a minor detail, but it is indeed crucial.Is the crypto-renaissance replacing the sustainability trend? Yes. Financial institutions have used “sustainability” as a marketing tool in recent years, allowing them to profile themselves as architects of […]

Argentina’s Potential Dollarization and the Rise of Stablecoins

Tether’s forecast about dollarization in Argentina and the rise of stablecoins has sparked a fascinating debate about the future of money and the economy. With the potential shift in Argentine monetary policy and the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, we may be witnessing the birth of a new financial era. The financial world is changing, and […]