Crypto giant Coinbase has unveiled a strategic partnership with Yellow Card, a service for cryptocurrencies in Africa. This move is a significant step in Coinbase’s expansion strategy, aiming to establish a substantial presence in 20 African countries. The primary objective of this alliance is to provide millions of people with access to prominent dollar-pegged crypto assets, such as USDC, using decentralized layer-2 (L2) blockchain technology.

The partnership, set to begin in February, aims to give over half of Africa’s population the ability to make USDC purchases through the Coinbase Wallet app. Additionally, app users will be able to send the stablecoin without incurring fees through popular messaging platforms like WhatsApp, iMessage, and Telegram. Yellow Card users will also benefit from purchasing USDC on Base, an Ethereum layer 2 platform incubated by Coinbase, which enables more cost-effective transactions.

Chris Maurice, the co-founder and CEO of Yellow Card, expressed excitement for the collaboration, emphasizing its potential to empower the next billion individuals across Africa to embrace the future of finance. “We are thrilled to partner with Coinbase to bring the transformative power of Stablecoins to more people across Africa,” Maurice stated.

Coinbase’s move into the African market aligns with its recent efforts to provide users with more accessible and user-friendly features. The company expressed optimism that the partnership with Yellow Card would contribute to economic opportunities for the continent’s younger population. Yellow Card’s CEO highlighted the potential of stablecoins like USDC to address real-world issues, such as international payments, remittances, and protection against inflation.

However, Coinbase’s foray into Africa is not solely about market expansion; it also represents a concerted effort to enhance economic freedom in regions burdened by high inflation and heavy reliance on remittances. The strategic partnership emphasizes the use of USDC, providing a stable and less volatile option compared to local currencies.

This significant development follows Coinbase’s recent announcement of plans to broaden its derivatives offerings across the European Union by acquiring a MiFID-licensed entity in Cyprus. Coinbase’s expansion initiatives underscore its commitment to becoming a global leader in the cryptocurrency space, with a focus on providing inclusive financial solutions to diverse populations around the world.

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