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Currynomics Labs, a fintech start-up, has successfully closed its €400,000 investment round, ensuring that Redcurry, a real estate-backed digital currency, will become globally available in 2024. Redcurry is designed to provide stability and reliability in today’s ever-changing financial landscape, while also growing in value. Notable investors, including Pasi Pohjala (FinBAN), Aleksander Denisoff, Asse Sauga, Dejan Mansfeld-Rupnik, and Markus Pejacsevich, alongside Ecosh Life and Impulse Generator Fund, have provided the resources needed to propel Redcurry to its final stage of development.Redcurry is currently in the live beta testing phase and is open-source, fully transparent, publicly auditable, and governed by its users. Founded by Estonian and Austrian entrepreneurs in 2022, Currynomics Labs is dedicated to helping those who have been left behind by traditional banking systems. Redcurry is accessible-to-all digital money eagerly awaited by more than 2.8 billion people who are currently unbanked, underbanked, or living in areas with hyperinflation.

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