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Deutsche Bank, a major financial institution, has partnered with Taurus, a leading technology provider specializing in tokenization and crypto custody. This collaboration will enable Deutsche Bank to offer bespoke escrow and tokenization services. Taurus’ technology is capable of securely storing and managing a variety of cryptocurrencies, as well as facilitating the digitization and tokenization of assets such as NFTs. Paul Maley, a representative from Deutsche Bank, believes that the digital asset market is set to become a multi-trillion-dollar industry, and Deutsche Bank is looking to adapt to the changing needs of its clients. Deutsche Bank has been exploring blockchain technology since 2015, when it tokenized bonds. In 2020, the bank was reported to be planning to construct an escrow platform for institutional clients and their digital assets. Taurus, founded in 2018, has already partnered with 25 financial institutions, including Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank. Examples of their collaborations include the creation of an NFT with the Swiss Football Association’s women’s national team, trading tokenized bonds with SCCF and Horizon Capital, and the issuance of tokenized bonds by CODE41 and Cité Gestion. Taurus has received substantial investments from Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank, totaling 65 million euros, to support its growth strategy and ensure the wider adoption of its technology. It is hoped that this partnership will mark the beginning of a new era for digital assets at Deutsche Bank, offering more than just the repackaging of existing practices.

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