Kessel accepts Bitcoin as a payment method for their vehicles

Last Thursday, the Kessel Group presented at the digital congress “Classic Car Marketing” how modernity can be combined with tradition. Because for a good year now, the company has been accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment for the purchase of their vehicles.

The demand for classic cars has been increasing, especially since the beginning of the pandemic. On the one hand, it is the desire to fulfil a dream, on the other hand, Classic Cars are seen as an investment. For the purchase of these vehicles, digital currencies are increasingly preferred, especially by international customers.

Easy payments with Bitcoin

The Kessel Group currently only accepts Bitcoin and they have chosen Bitcoin Suisse as their partner for this. They are setting an example for further digitization in a classic business. The cryptocurrency can be used for a wide range of vehicles, whether classic cars, youngtimers or new cars.

We do not consider Bitcoin as an investment opportunity in our daily business, but believe that in the near future Bitcoin will be a significant part of trading and will be an integral part of the financial world. For the Kessel Group, the objective behind trading in Bitcoin is to provide a new service to our clients, to be proactive and to anticipate the future needs of our clients.

Ronnie Kessel, owner of Kessel Group.

Kessel uses the app inapay for the simple transaction, which can be carried out directly in the dealership. When using this app, the amount to be paid is entered in the local currency; the terminal automatically displays how many Bitcoin the customer has to transfer. These are immediately converted into Swiss francs and transferred to the merchant’s bank account after a waiting period of about 24 hours.

This is done through a two-step scan-and-pay process. To receive Bitcoin payments, the seller only has to display the QR code in his Bitcoin wallet app and have the buyer scan it. The only disadvantage for the customer: He cannot immediately pick up the car, but is allowed to enjoy his anticipation for another 24 hours.

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