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MachinaTrader is taking off!

The past month has been a whirlwind of activity in the world of MachinaTrader. Here’s a quick summary of the key highlights:

1. Bullish Times and MachinaTrader Partnership 🤝

Bullish Times and MachinaTrader have united in a significant partnership. Bullish Times is a leading source for well-researched news, particularly in the realms of cryptocurrency, NFTs, and Web 3 technology. This collaboration aims to combine Bullish Times’ insightful reporting with our advanced tools, offering traders and investors a comprehensive approach for informed decision-making in the evolving crypto landscape.

2. CEO Thierry Gilgen’s Insights at NFT Think Tank 🗣️

During the NFT Think Tank event on October 13, MachinaLabs’s CEO, Thierry Gilgen, delivered a highly anticipated and insightful presentation, delving into how artificial intelligence is shaping the dynamics of the trading landscape. Specifically, Thierry explored the critical role of sentiment analysis, a fascinating aspect that scrutinizes market sentiment through various data sources. Moreover, his discussion on the intriguing dynamics behind Wallstreetmemes elucidated the interplay between social trends, meme culture, and their impact on financial markets — a field that’s increasingly gaining attention for its influence on market behavior and sentiment shifts. This in-depth analysis showcased the confluence of cutting-edge technology and the art of trading, providing a comprehensive understanding of how AI and social phenomena are molding the future of trading strategies.

3. MachinaTrader’s Early Access and Workshop Sessions 🚀

The launch of Early Access for MachinaTrader marked a pivotal moment, initiating an era where the community actively engaged with the platform, gaining hands-on experience to develop their initial trading strategies and dashboard wizards. During the third Discord Workshop, “Explore Algorithmic Trading with Four Powerful Strategies,” we had the opportunity to delve with users in a hands-on-approach into strategies such as EMA Crossover ATR Scalping, Moving Average Crossover, MACD RSI Stochastic, and Quantum Horizon. These strategies served as practical examples that community members could experiment with, learn from, and potentially adopt for their own trading approaches.

Moreover, in a community-driven effort, users are contributing to the creation of customizable dashboard widgets. These widgets offer a unique and personalized overview of various market indicators, social media insights, and other relevant data, all consolidated in a single, user-defined space. This collective effort illustrates the community’s enthusiasm for customizing their trading experience within the MachinaTrader platform, demonstrating the commitment to innovation and adaptability in the pursuit of more effective and streamlined trading practices.

4. MachinaTrader Software Updates and Enhancements 🆕

The recent software update, Version 0.9.3, introduced powerful Python Visual Nodes and various improvements. Enhancements in the user interface, performance optimizations, and updated documentation promise a smoother and more intuitive user experience. Additionally, Version 0.9.4 addressed critical issues, offering bug fixes and crucial enhancements. More details can be found under Release Notes in our Knowledge Base

The past month has been marked by innovation, partnership, and a relentless pursuit of advancements in our trading ecosystem. With these advancements, our landscape of trading is evolving rapidly.

Create a free account on, explore our trading ecosystem and stay tuned for more exciting developments and opportunities in the coming months. Join us on this thrilling journey as we explore the future of crypto trading and technology!

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