Zurich Invest, a subsidiary of Zurich, has expanded its executive board with the addition of an experienced saleswoman. The new member, Sandra Cafazzo, brings with her an extensive network within the industry.

Since the beginning of January, Cafazzo has been a member of the executive board at Zurich Invest. She is responsible for the strategic direction of the institutional business, as announced in a press release on Tuesday.

Prior to this, Cafazzo served as the Head of Sales and Marketing at the fund house Robeco Switzerland. She has also gained experience at foreign financial service providers such as Pimco, Merrill Lynch, Wellington, and the Swiss major bank UBS. In addition, she is the Chairwoman of the Board for the professional organization CFA Society in Switzerland and has also served on the board of the industry association Swiss Sustainable Finance.

Zurich Invest, part of the Zurich Insurance Group, was founded in 1998. It is a subsidiary of the insurance giant Zurich, serving private and corporate clients of the group in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The company manages the Zurich Investment Foundation and the Zurich Investment Fund Real Estate Direct Switzerland.

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