How Canton Zug wants to save Crypto Valley – An interview with Heinz Tännler

Crypto Valley with resident companies from the Swiss blockchain scene is facing an existential threat due to the economic crisis caused by corona. The Zug region is seeking additional financial aid under the leadership of the cantonal finance director Heinz Tännler. In order to support start-ups in this difficult situation, the Federal Council recently approved […]

Swiss institutes work on decentralized application for tracking Covid-19 infections

The secure identification of persons whom one has had contact with, could be an effective tool to combat the spread of COVID-19. With the support of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health, an international consortium including EPFL and ETH Zurich is developing a tracking app. Due to the corona crisis, applications for digital contact […]

Americans sometimes use helicopter money to buy Bitcoin

The Bitcoin price has fallen sharply in recent months in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, but this has not reduced public interest in crypto-currencies. Some of the US government’s helicopter money is also being used to buy Bitcoin. As Forbes magazine reports, several Americans are using the $1,200 stimulus checks to purchase crypto-currencies such as […]

Chinese courier service deals with blockchain during pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the second largest courier service in China (SF Express) is intensively engaging in blockchain technology and its possible applications for the transport of various goods. Blockchain guarantees high standards and reliability It is not known how extensively the company currently uses blockchain, but it is reported that the company is looking […]

The Digital Dollar as Helicopter Money

The Democrats in the House of Representatives have now indicated that they are seriously considering creating a digital dollar. Digital peer-to-peer currencies, generally have faster payment processing times than traditional payment methods. Federal Reserve not very enthusiastic about digital currencies — so far Until now, the Federal Reserve had moved towards real-time payments without considering […]