Oracles – The Internet of Blockchains

We discuss how blockchains’ inherent inability to connect to the real world limits their use and how oracles provide the solution by acting as middleware to their connection to the world. “The oracle problem” will be a central part of the analysis as well some of the leading projects. We find that oracles are pervasive […]

Ren Protocol: Interview with COO Michael Burgess

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is one of the most expansive sectors in the crypto space. So-called “wrapped tokens” are an important DeFi building block. They allow cross-blockchain transactions. An overview of the interoperability project Ren in an interview with COO Michael Burgess. Ren is an open protocol that enables the fluid movement of value between blockchains (interoperability). […]

Blockchain Interoperability: Towards a Connected Future

Interoperability is the ability of software to exchange information between different ecosystems. In the case of blockchains, it has the potential to break the silos and to create a network of blockchains: A broad overview of blockchain interoperability and the Polkadot project. More and more people are considering blockchains as safe and promising. Thousands of projects relying […]