CFTC proposes new regulations regarding crypto-derivative platforms

A new guidance document from the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) could have a negative impact on the growth of crypto-derivatives platforms in the United States. The guidance document published by the CFTC is causing turmoil among the various derivatives platforms. For years, the crypto industry has been waiting to attract the attention of […]

The Digital Dollar as Helicopter Money

The Democrats in the House of Representatives have now indicated that they are seriously considering creating a digital dollar. Digital peer-to-peer currencies, generally have faster payment processing times than traditional payment methods. Federal Reserve not very enthusiastic about digital currencies — so far Until now, the Federal Reserve had moved towards real-time payments without considering […]

Research team sees benefits of blockchain with regard to climate change

A research team at Yale University wants to use new technologies to find out how mankind can fight climate change. As part of this project, the academics have been working on the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and the Linux’ Hyperledger blockchain platform. Carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere alarmingly high, climate change effects frightening […]

New York’s regulatory agency demands coronavirus contingency plans from crypto companies

The New York Department of Finance (NYDFS) requires crypto-currency companies to prepare detailed coronavirus preparedness plans. This is to signal the seriousness of COVID-19. Crypto companies face new challenges New York’s crypto-companies must prepare contingency plans with detailed information, according to a letter sent on March 10. The preparations must include strategies to protect employees […]

US pharma-industry could save around $180 million in labor costs through blockchain

The blockchain development platform LedgerDomain has launched a pilot project for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) as part of a study. The US pharmaceutical industry could save several million dollars with the help of blockchain technology The program is part of a comprehensive electronic system for […]

Walmart joins Hyperledger

Hyperledger’s  four-year existence has been crowned by a special event. The US-American group Walmart has now joined the blockchain group. Hyperledger, which is under the patronage of the Linux Foundation, announced this news at the “Hyperledger Global Forum” event. The event takes place from 03 to 06 March in Phoenix, Arizona. In addition to Walmart, […]

US proposal on tax exempt investments in the equity market

The White House is exploring ways to create incentives for US households to invest in the stock market. One proposal is that a portion of income for investment purposes would be tax-exempt. According to CNBC, the Trump administration is currently examining several proposals as part of an upcoming stimulus package set to include tax-free investments […]

Federal Reserve Chairman Powell Speaks about a digital dollar and “private crypto transactions”

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell addressed the House of Representatives’ Financial Services Committee on Tuesday. When asked about digital currencies, Powell admitted that the Libra project had sparked some excitement in the Fed last year. Jerome Powell, the current chairman of the Federal Reserve, said this in response to Illinois Congressman Bill Foster’s question about […]

Tim Draper: “Millennials should secure their financial future with Bitcoin”

American venture capital investor Tim Draper recently commented on Bitcoin, suggesting that Millennials should invest in Bitcoin if they want to secure their financial future.  Draper expressed this in an interview with Liz Claman. During the interview, published on January 22, Draper discussed people and topics such as Elon Musk, Space X and Bitcoin.  Draper also accused the banking […]