Weekly Bitcoin USD Chart Analysis Calendar Week 15 – 2021

Bitcoin USD daily basis Bitcoin USD Chart Analysis – Strong correction over the weekend The reporting week started cautiously and with continued bullish undertone. The market focused on a break of the recently stubborn 60’000 USD resistance zone. Thus, on Monday, it traded in very narrow trading ranges around 59’800 USD. On Tuesday, the breakthrough […]

The Bitcoin Halving – Previous Effects on Share Price

In May 2020 it is “halve-time”. The fee received by a miner for securing the blockchain network in the form of newly created bitcoins will be halved. The term known as “halving” will half bitcoin’s inflation rate. Thus, it is important to ask, what impact have the past halvings had on the price of bitcoin?    Bitcoin money supply and inflation  Bitcoin, as a […]

Millennials Prefer Digital Currencies

In the coming decades, the so-called “Millennials” are set to become the most prosperous generation in history. For banks, this could be a cause for concern, as younger generations prefer to shift to unconventional banking and non-third-party means of finance.     Millennials set to become the richest generation in history   By definition, millennials are people born between 1981 and 1996, thus aged between 23 […]