Project Jura: The next step for a Swiss CBDC?

The Swiss National Bank (SNB) is continuing its experiments in the field of central bank currencies (CBDCs). “Project Jura” is investigating cross-border payment processing in cooperation with the central bank of France. The G20 has prioritised the improvement of cross-border and has submitted a multi-year timeline to coordinate efforts in this regard. The current experiment contributes to […]

Venmo offers Cryptocurrencies to 70 million customers

Venmo now offers its more than 70 million customers the opportunity to buy, store and sell cryptocurrencies directly in the app. Adoption of crypto-assets as a means of payment appears to be surging, including the simplification of what was originally a complex purchase process. Starting this week, U.S. customers of Venmo will have the ability to […]

Mastercard Accepts Individual Crypto Currencies as a Means of Payment

Credit card company Mastercard announced this week that they will accept “select crypto currencies” as payment. Their focus will primarily be on centralized stable-coins and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), not Bitcoin & Co. According to the company, there is no denying that digital assets are taking on an increasingly important role as a means of payment. […]

Visa expands its support of cryptocurrencies

Visa, the largest company for payment cards alongside Mastercard, continues to intensively look into supporting cryptocurrencies. CEO Alfred Kelly sees great potential in this industry, particularly in so-called stablecoins, which include digital central bank currencies (CBDCs). Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are often perceived as pure stores of value or investments. For Visa CEO Alfred Kelly, however, the […]

Brazil plans to introduce a digital central bank currency in 2022

Roberto Campos Neto, the President of the Central Bank of Brazil, shared the plans regarding digital Central Bank currency (CBDC). A possible starting point is 2022. The Banco Central do Brasil is not the only central bank that currently works on digital currencies. At present, 80% of central banks worldwide research possibilities to implement their […]