Thailand bans “meme tokens” and NFTs

Thailand has recently imposed restrictions on cryptocurrency trading. The South-east Asian nation’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has implemented a ban on various types of blockchain currencies such as meme tokens and NFTs. According to the Thai SEC, the new rules aim to protect traders and users from cryptocurrencies that have “no clear target or substance” and […]

Mastercard Accepts Individual Crypto Currencies as a Means of Payment

Credit card company Mastercard announced this week that they will accept “select crypto currencies” as payment. Their focus will primarily be on centralized stable-coins and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), not Bitcoin & Co. According to the company, there is no denying that digital assets are taking on an increasingly important role as a means of payment. […]

Tether regulation proposal “apocalyptic” for crypto

Unregulated stablecoins such as Tether face increasing regulatory pressure from the US government. A new bill called the Stable Act is stirring anxiety in crypto circles. It could effectively put an end to billions of dollars of transactions and throw the industry back several years. The Act calls for banking licenses for stablecoin issuers such as Tether. It […]

ECB thinks that private stablecoins pose a greater risk than Bitcoin

Christine Lagarde has identified privately-issued stablecoins as representing a greater risk to financial stability and the monetary sovereignty of the EU than cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. She has commented on the topic a few times before and proposes a digital Euro in the form of a CBDC. The European Central Bank (ECB) President says that volatile […]