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Community Overview

Interacting with the Community

MachinaTrader provides traders with the highly-available hardware infrastructure and industry-leading software framework that makes algorithmic trade possible. Yet, this cut-and-dry technical environment is merely a launchpad for Ideas. Strategies and trade plans that emerge from human ingenuity – skills and hard-earned experience – in our quest to gain mastery of The Market.

Because MachinaTrader had perceived this need for users to pool ideas, knowledge, skill and experience, we have ensured that interaction, collaboration and excellence have a platform to thrive. Hence, the MachinaTrader Community Forum.

The MT Community has a flat structure: there is no hierarchy or privilege. Whatever prestige and reputation a user may develop in the community depends entirely on their own activity and merit.

You have two ways of interacting with the community of users:


The Forum is the main platform for user discussion and participation. Topics covered include everything from algorithm analysis to technical support to idle chatter… (coffee, anyone?)

In the forums you will meet your fellow Machinistas, share in their thoughts and the projects they are developing. There is a wealth of information to share.

Aspects of MachinaTrader are familiar and traditional: coding tasks and best practice; exchange APIs; market behavior; and financial metrics. Other aspects are novel: Bitcoin and blockchain; exuberant cryptocurrency markets; machine learning; and Machinas in the cloud.

We have arrived at a pivotal moment in history and the opportunities are both fascinating and compelling. The need for information and skill sharing, in the MT Community, is why we implemented an intuitive and informative forum platform. Use it and prosper.

Profile Page

To access your Profile page click on your username in the top right corner of the page.

Your Profile page is like a nerve center that extends out into the community. Here you can see community activity – the most active threads, your favorite discussions, and activity of the users who you follow.

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