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Importing Libraries

MachinaTrader’s Script Editor allows you to create powerful and flexible trading strategies using Python and/or C# (coming in the release version). To enhance the functionality of your strategies, you have the ability to import custom libraries that are not included in the default set of available modules. This allows you to leverage external tools and libraries to craft sophisticated trading algorithms.

Step 1: Install Required Libraries
Before importing any custom library, ensure you have installed them in your Python environment.
You can do this using the following methods:

Python Code Visual Node:
In the Python Code Visual Node, you can use the os.system function to execute shell commands. For example, if you want to install the ‘ccxt’ library, use the following line of code in the Python Code Visual Node:

os.system(‘pip install ccxt’)
This will execute the ‘pip install’ command and download the ‘ccxt’ library to your MachinaTrader environment.

Script Editor Strategies:
If you are using the Script Editor Strategies feature, you can also install the required libraries using the same ‘os.system’ function as shown above. Alternatively, you can install the libraries using the terminal or command prompt on your system.

Step 2: Import Custom Libraries
Once the required libraries are installed, you can easily import them into your trading strategies. In both the Python Code Visual Node and the Script Editor Strategies, you can import the installed libraries like any other Python module. For example, to import the ‘ccxt’ library, use the following line of code:

import ccxt
With this import statement, you now have access to all the functionalities provided by the ‘ccxt’ library in your trading strategies.

Important Notes:

Please be cautious when importing custom libraries, especially if they are from untrusted sources. Always verify the credibility and security of the libraries before use.

Importing certain libraries may require additional dependencies. Ensure that you have fulfilled all the prerequisites for the libraries you intend to use.


By importing custom libraries into MachinaTrader’s Script Editor Strategies and the Python Code Visual Node, you can take your trading strategies to the next level, leveraging the power of external tools and modules. Be creative, experiment responsibly, and enjoy building innovative trading algorithms!

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