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Welcome to MachinaTrader. We are a community-driven algorithmic trading platform. Our trading engine is powered by the Machina Engine, a cross-platform, multi-asset technology which brings cutting edge finance to our clients. The Machina Engine supports C#, Python, and F# programming languages.

Current Release

MachinaTrader is in Private Beta release. During this phase we make the Engine available to users for testing and for gathering feedback.

During the Private Beta phase only Strategy Backtesting is available. Future releases will include Live Signal trading, Manual and Paper Trading, machine learning and more.


MachinaTrader believes that the future of finance is automated, and we plan to be the quantitative trading infrastructure of the future. Algorithmic trading is a powerful tool, and we want to open it up to all investors. For more information on our mission see the About page.

Security and Privacy

For more information please see our Privacy policy.

Backtest Your Trading Strategies

The MachinaTrader University familiarizes you with the Machina Engine – a powerful algorithmic framework for developing trading strategies, backtesting them in a multitude of instruments and market conditions. Then deploy your algorithm in the market when you are satisfied that it is robust and profitable.

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