CFO’s of German corporations see no competitive advantages in crypto-currencies

A recently published study analyzed the relevance of crypto-currencies among German stock corporations. According to the study, crypto’s such as Bitcoin have so far been of secondary importance for the corporations. The study examined the adaptation of crypto currencies among listed German companies. The authors Lars Andraschko and Bernd Britzelmaier from the Business School Pforzheim […]

BMW completes Blockchain project in logistics area

Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft, better known as BMW, has announced that the company has successfully tested a platform called “PartChain”. According to the announcement, the test was already completed in 2019. Pilot project has already been successfully tested at several locations PartChain will use blockchain as well as cloud technologies from Amazon Web Services and […]

Major German companies plan to use blockchain in the logistics sector

German companies Edeka, Lidl, Henkel, SAP, Lufthansa and several other large companies are planning a joint blockchain project for the exchange of load carriers. Well-known companies are working on blockchain projects This was announced by the German branch of the standardization organization GS1. The companies involved in the project, all of which have a turnover […]

German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority defines new depositary law for foreign companies

The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) in Germany is currently clarifying how the newly defined law can be applied to companies regarding the safekeeping of crypto-currencies. Companies that would be affected are one’s subject to foreign jurisdictions but serve the German market. In a guideline published in January, the regulatory authority announced that companies that […]