Tesla Suspends Payments with Bitcoin

A few months ago, US car manufacturer Tesla announced a billion-dollar investment in Bitcoin. Since then, it was also possible to buy electric cars with the cryptocurrency. This option has now been suspended, the reason being the carbon footprint of the Bitcoin blockchain. In February 2021, Tesla CEO Elon Musk described himself as a “big […]

US Banks considering Bitcoin services

According to crypto custodian and Stone Ridge subsidiary NYDIG, hundreds of U.S. banks will soon allow trading and holding of Bitcoin. After a long period of reluctance, established financial services providers are also opening up to the new asset class. New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG) is a subsidiary of Stone Ridge, a $10 billion […]

First Chinese company invests in Bitcoin and Ethereum

The Chinese technology company Meitu purchased millions of dollars of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) from its corporate reserves. Interestingly they allocated more money towards Ether ($25.75M) than Bitcoin ($19M). Meitu is the first major company to do so. The Chinese company recently announced a purchase of 15’000 Ether (ETH) and more than 379 Bitcoin (BTC). This […]

Citibank sees Bitcoin at a “Tipping Point”

Citibank, one of the world’s largest financial services providers, recently published a detailed report on Bitcoin. They see great potential in the cryptocurrency and speak of a “tipping point” for digital assets. Is Bitcoin entering the mainstream? Citibank’s report is based on a series of interviews with CEOs and professionals from the leading custodians, exchanges, infrastructure and […]

Majority of Finance Executives Not Considering Bitcoin Investment For Now

Most finance executives are not interested in Bitcoin as a corporate investment according to a recently published survey by the U.S. research firm Gartner. The reason for this among most respondents is the high volatility of the crypto asset. Although a growing number of tech companies have invested in Bitcoin in recent months, many executives do not […]

The world’s first bank to issue its shares on a distributed ledger

Sygnum has successfully tokenized its shares, becoming the world’s first bank to issue its shares on a distributed ledger. Tokenization of its own shares lays the foundation for their future public offering, which includes a potential dual listing in partnership with SIX Digital Exchange (SDX). In a world’s first for a bank, Sygnum today announced the successful […]

Insurance giant MassMutual invests $100 million in Bitcoin

One of the largest U.S. insurance companies, Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual), is acquiring a minority stake in Crypto asset manager NYDIG, while making a $100 million Bitcoin investment for its general investment fund. MassMutual is a U.S. based insurance company that serves five million customers worldwide. With over $37 billion in revenue, it […]